Videos for every message:

  • Website
  • Fundraising and Awareness
  • Training
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Legacy/Memorial
  • Tributes, Awards, Events
  • Documentaries
  • Product Demos
  • Project Documentation


With video:

  • Tell your story in effective and compelling ways
  • Insure your message is delivered concisely and consistently
  • Show and tell people what you do
  • Add a personal touch


Video is:

  • Dynamic
  • Impactful
  • Interactive
  • Searchable
  • Easily shared
  • Exciting
  • Emotional
  • Entertaining
  • Effective


Bear in Mind Strategies creates solution-oriented, engaging videos.

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Effectively show – and tell – existing and potential customers or supporters what’s important for them to know about your business or organization...



Personally connect with your supporters, volunteers, and clients. Convey the passion people have for your mission and engage others to learn about it...

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Tributes, Awards & Events

Videos honoring a person or organization provide lasting memories for generations to come...


Product Demos

Show your product’s best features and how to use it with product demo video...


Your Success

You have a story to tell or a need to address, so we always seek to understand your particular needs before offering a solution.



Our careful analysis of your strengths, opportunities, and toughest challenges ensures the strategies and results meet your needs effectively and efficiently.