Training and Product Demos

Videos can be effective customer service tools – for product demos, expert tips, instructions and training.  With product demo videos, no manual needed!

For training and instruction, videos are on-demand, can be viewed at a student’s pace, and allow worldwide access to the same instructions and messages. Video can be integrated into Interactive Multimedia Instruction, like simulations, for mission-critical operations training.

Bear in Mind Strategies has produced training videos for large and small clients, including the the U.S. Navy's Military Sealift Command, the Port of Virginia, and Amtrak.

A few samples of our training and product demo videos:

The Port of Virginia Environmental Management System

This training and public awareness was produced for The Port of Virginia for the ISO 14001 Envirnmental Management System.




Plum Shade Farm

This product demo video was 1 of 3 developed to help increase sales for Plum Shade Farm, which is dedicated to providing superior quality equine and canine products. This video provides a detailed step-by-step demo of a horse hoof abscess treatment product and its application.


The GBS Group

Bear in Mind Strategies produced videos for this engineering and technical solutions firm to train onboard engineers and conductors in the use of the systems developed for passenger rail carriers. Due to proprietary information, these training videos are available for view by request only.  

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