Sales & Marketing

Videos help sell!

Whether you're looking to increase awareness of your brand, product, service, or mission, or sell to consumers or other businesses, video is the new normal.

  • Speak directly to customers, clients, members, supporters, new recruits with video.   Video is the most effective way to tell your story, sell your product or service, and connect on a personal level.

  • Short- or long-form videos let you be the expert, with valuable information, tips, and advice.  Make the connection; people like to see "behind the scenes" of you business, institution, or house.

Here are a few samples of our work in the sales and marketing genre:

Recruiting the best employees is competitive.

GMTI, a Gannett Company, ramped up its recruitment efforts with this video as part of that strategy. 



Real Estate videos: more than virtual!

Buying a home today is a totally different experience in today's connected, online world and real estate videos give the full view of a property that discerning buyers want.  Some real estate videos today even include a cast and full production shoot.

Here's one example of a Bear in Mind real estate video.


Convert tips into sales

This short video gives people a few tips about what to think about in planning for an outdoor event, and works well in social media channels.